Friday, September 25, 2009

After the Red Cross adventure of last season comes another blockbuster hit that will surely be flooded with unemployed registered nurses all around the Metro. The IVT Training season is well on its way to record breaking box office success. As hospitals open its doors and slots get taken as fast (or maybe even faster) as reservations open, no one could predict what's in store for this new and exciting season of... The Amazing IVT Race.

I can still remember how 3 weeks ago, we were supposed to head on to Fabella Medical Center to pay our reservation fees for the upcoming September IVT training. We planned it all the day before when we found out that the said hospital was open for such. Needless to say, the very next day, dressed and ready to go, I called them to ask if there were still available slots. The answer that I got was a fat "NO" and that the October schedule has not yet been announced. So I hanged up, called my friends and canceled our trip for the day.

Same goes with other hospitals. It's either an irate operator/nurse/admin person tells you there are no slots left or there are no schedules yet available at the time or a friendly operator/nurse/admin person tells you there are not slots left or there are not schedules yet available at the time.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating here. Applying for trainings in provincial hospitals may not be that disappointing but since we're Metro Manila people living in/near MM, those health care institutions are the only ones available for us. Though, I have yet to try and apply in hospitals near our rurban community. But I'm not sure if they're ANSAP accredited and I don't want to take a chance enrolling in one that is not.

Speaking of ANSAP, from a very useful blog I am very grateful to, here is the partial list of accredited hospitals conducting basic IVT training, including their contact numbers and addresses. I would consider this the bible of IVT Yellow Pages.

List of Hospitals Conducting Basic IVT Training

Credits go to this blog who has uploaded and posted almost everything needed to become a certified IV therapist including video tutorials, pdf files, directories, and news about other related events.

With that, I wish that you would wish us the best of luck in finding a suitable and non-toxic environment for our future trainings. Tips, advice and prayers are also accepted.


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