Sunday, September 27, 2009

And again with the geek mode and addictions, the latest member of the short list is a PC game starring a non-vertebrae. Bookworm Adventures 2, the latest offering of PopCap games is an addicting vocabulary game combined with RPG environment.

Your goal is to guide Lex the (book)Worm into different twisted fairy tale worlds and defeat equally crooked fairy tale characters to gain points, power ups, lives and saves. Every now and then, Moxie the Fox will intervene and offer you 4 mini games in which you can win ever so useful powers and lives. This time, companion guides like Granny Goose, that weird cat from Alice in Wonderland and other mystery guides I have yet to unravel can accompany you through the different levels of tiledom and grant healing elixirs to freshen up waning health.

For me, the game is pretty easy until you reach the difficult levels at the end of each chapters where all you can see on your tile grid is X, Y, and Zs and you need to Scramble or else play 3-letter elementary words. The characters are interesting and amusing to watch. Witty quips and character descriptions bring attitude to the game. It's not hard to stay glued to the monitor for hours long.

Like all games, it can get tiring after long hours of play, but it's enjoyable enough to keep you coming back for more. :)


redamethyst said...

oh, I love playing book worm also. Have to research for this second edition.

Clarrise said...

do so it's really good. :)

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