Sunday, September 13, 2009


Finally, after long long years, the trophy found its way back to Morayta. For those who didn't get to catch the results, here they are in proper order:


1) FEU - 86.10
2) ADMU - 83.40
3) UP - 83.10
4) UST
5) NU
7) UE
8) AdU


Now, I've been reading a lot of tweets and facebook status saying that FEU winning the title is, for lack of a better word, "LUTO". Now, I must admit, FEU's routine was not as creative compared to other contenders but what they lacked in style they made up for execution and technique. I keep saying this over and over again because it's hurtful for us to be considered only winners because FEU's the host school for the 2009 UAAP. I don't think that's the case at all.

Judges this year were Douglas Nierras (director of Powerdance), Evan Alva (President, Pilipinas Cheerleading Federation), Dr. Sylvia Chua (President, Cheerleading Association of the Philippines), Joy Valenton (National Judge Gymnastics Association of the Philippines), and Ai Hasegawa (International Judge, Foundation of Japan Cheerleading Association).

The UAAP CDC didn't have judges like these in their past competitions. Normally, judges are composed of one representative from each school and a special judge with a honorable background in cheering. The change in the judging system is probably what caused the disarray of the UP-UST-FEU Top 3 tradition of the CDC. What appealed to the crowd may not be appealing to the expertise of the judges. Plus, everybody I knew who watched in Araneta can contest that FEU's routine was superb.

Another thing is the new Sarimanok (Ok, more like Chicken) theme of FEU's routine. Now, I was also confused at first. I mean, I know we're supposed to be the Tamaraws, and I know Tamaraws don't have wings. Turns out, the Sarimanok was FEU's emblem when it was first founded way before World War II. In being UAAP Season 79's host school, FEU brought back the mythical creature to signify camaraderie and unity among participating schools with its multicolored feathers with a theme "One color. One goal."

I am beating myself right now for not watching the competition live in Araneta. If I had known that my school would be champions this year, I would've fought real hard for the sought after tickets. Anyways, I'm real proud to be a bonafide Tamaraw alumni. Here's to hoping for more gold! Get that ball! :D


manik_reigun said...

too bad i wasnt able to watch it live too, argh! and congratulations to the FEU squad. they really "brought it" this time.
i am a thomasian alumnus, but i try to watch the CDC's without much bias.(hehe)
after ive seen the feu routine, i knew they'd win. what im really surprised about is the Ateneo win.
but anyway, that's how it goes, not everybody can win.

over-all, the CDC is getting better by the year!

Clarrise said...

Oh definitely! It's getting bigger too, bigger props, bigger performances and bigger audience. Even twitter had FEU, UST and Ateneo as Top Trending topics for a few hours. It was surreal.

I was surprised too by Ateneo's win. The moonwalk was awesome but to sum up their performance in one word, it was "cute". If Ateneo was to rank, I would have chosen UP as 2nd and Ateneo in 3rd place. UST's routine was very creative but I think they got too many deductions from the mistakes. :(

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