Friday, September 11, 2009

Landed back on the Philippine shores Wednesday evening and until now, I'm still feeling lethargic. I don't want to blame it on "jetlag" because I'm not convinced that the thing even exist when you're traveling in the same time zone. Maybe it's because of the sympathetic responses of my body suddenly turning to para that's responsible for this almost stupendous state I've been in for almost 2 days post landing.

In a nutshell, the trip was fantastic. It was jam packed with places and experiences I've never encountered. We traveled under a package tour so our schedule was pretty much set for the whole duration of the trip. That was probably the down side of the whole thing because 90% of the time we were running ala Amazing Race contestants with the ultimate goal of taking as many pictures as possible.

The flashing red sign font 78 bold underline, however, of the list of travel poopers of our 4 day vacation is my little sister and her q2 (every 2 hours in non-nurse term) preschool tantrums. We had her having one for breakfast, lunch, meryenda and dinner. Oh, and do not give me the "She's just a kid, it's normal" speech. I've heard it many times and it doesn't help one bit. The kid's psycho and she was like an all too heavy luggage you wonder why you even brought it along in the first place. Mom was infuriated. So was I.

After the first day, thankfully, I've resigned myself to not caring whether she was sweeping the floor with her scowls and smoking in the ears for no apparent reason. As long as I'm with my camera, I was going to have a great time. And I did.

I'm going to post detailed entries about my half week adventure. For now, I need to relax and catch some shut eye. :)


James said...

One can't leave without a camera. What is the point of all those adventure stories without a picture anyway. Eager to learn about your adventures to other countries. I would like to travel also hence, I am switching carreers as a travelling nurse abroad. Like they say you must love your work and I love travelling! LOL. By the way do you know about the medical alliance? Great help for travelling medical practitioners.

Clarrise said...

Thanks for the info, James. :)

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