Thursday, September 3, 2009

HK + Macau Week: 3 Days To Go

Top 5 Mildly Annoying Things While Getting Ready For An
Out-Of-The-Country Vacation

5. So-so weather. It makes everything look all gloomy and depressing. Those ambivalent 7 day weather forecasts are not helping.

4. Having to pack light. And not having a non-counterfeit decent looking bag to pack into.

3. Paranoid people getting overly concerned about A(H1N1), bombs, storms and terrorists just when you're preparing a 2 hour flight to another country.

2. A little sister saying stupid stuff like how she doesn't want to go to Disneyland anymore because it's Club Day at school and she's going to miss it and how we don't need a digital camera anymore because our cellphones already has built in cameras in it.

1. Not having anything to wear!

- - -

In other news, some corporate guy just called me and said something about vague financial opportunities yadda yadda yadda that I really didn't understand. He said he got my number from a FEU Alumni whatchamacallit and that he was wondering if I'm interested in a opportinity something but he wouldn't tell what exactly. Next thing I knew, he was setting up an appointment for next Friday where everything shall be discussed and I was (kind of) agreeing on coming because he did some speech about professionalism and work ethics or something like that.

Corporate attire only, come at 3:30pm and the company's located in Ortigas. I think those are the only information I can clearly remember. Come to think of it, I didn't even get his name because I wasn't at all interested in what he was saying. Why I said yes, I have no clue. Now I'm praying that he would forget to send the company's address so there would be no way for me to go. Plus I have the impression that he had the impression that I was a spoiled brat because he was scheduling it on Monday and I said I'll be out of the country till Wednesday.

And again with the job hunting (okay, more like, experimenting) disasters. Recently, I sent an online application to a medical transcription company looking for employees. I didn't know why I did so. Maybe because I just wanted to know more about how works. 2 hours later, I was scheduled for an interview the very next day. I found out that the company was located far far from home and needless to say, I didn't come.

Now I'm getting worried that a few more missed appointments would get me on the blacklist list of companies all around the Metro. Plus the fact that I'm afraid of corporate people in corporate attires like how some kids are afraid of clowns doesn't help much. I am serious. I have nightmares about them. They look all demeaning and power hungry with those crisp suits and cold, calculating stares. I feel uneasy towards them. Especially those people in higher positions and those who convince for a living. *shiver*

I googled if there was such a thing and I found out that I'm the only one suffering from it. Because of that, I feel compelled to name this new found fear that, I believe, is slowly gripping the world silently in it's perfectly ironed hands.

So from now on, the Fear of Corporate People in Corporate Attires will be called CORPOPHOBIA.

Not to be confused with COPROPHOBIA, which is the abnormal and persistent fear of feces. Unbelievable similarity of terms not intended. At first. Ha.


Ranran said...

thanks for making on my list!

Clarrise said...

thanks ranran! promise to drop by more frequently.. :)

dianne said...

i also got that call and didnt come as well.. i think that company called our whole batch just to recruit.. and a lot of our batchmates were fooled because that was a scam/networking blahblah... good thing you didnt come..:))

Clarrise said...

Wow, thank Obama for unprofessional-ism. Haha. I did get that networking vibe from the start. That's the only reason I could think of why they didn't want to just say it directly over the phone what the company was all about.

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