Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvesting is the new trend nowadays. And no, it's not because of a sudden uprising of agricultural and environmental concern among young Filipinos. It's because of a social networking site games, of all things, that got this generation hooked on becoming farmers.

Facebook exploded on the Philippine web market this year (yes, a couple of years behind other countries but we're getting there) and many have already made the switch from the prehistoric Friendster to this new and exciting site. If you're like me, you still keep your Friendster account but rarely visit it much less update it. People with no internet access at home and are not that comfortable in the cyberworld may find it more difficult to create an account from scratch and adjust to FB's more complicated user interface but I see a FS like phenomena with FB in the near future, I daresay.

But with addictions come great drawbacks (and hilarity). A few years ago, some internet war game stole the time, money and attention of males of all ages from the things they should be doing and/or spending time with (e.g. their girlfriends). Scorned women were everywhere and needless to say, text message jokes didn't let this instance pass.

I remember reading jokes and hearing true stories on how girlfriends were forgotten because of their man's addiction to DOTA. I think it's despicable how guys can be so immature to let everything slip away because of some stupid game. Plus, the fact that they look so barbaric shouting at each other while pounding on the keyboard like madmen did not help.

These days, a new trend of girlfriend vs. computer is on a rise. And it has flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables on its side.

One time while I was staring at my wall looking for new updates of my friends, I saw one status saying something like this, which really cracked me up.
"Tigil tigilan mo nga yang pagtatanim dahil hindi ka magsasaka!"
Followed by:
"Ngayon alam ko na ang feeling ng mga girlfriends na pinagpapalit sa mga computer games at Facebook."
I was, like: Seriously? Guys are also hooked on virtual planting?. This was hilarious! A comedy goldmine! Having been addicted to the same kind of thing 2 months ago but quickly got over it, I now find this situation extremely amusing.

Thank Obama my boyfriend doesn't use the internet that much and does not even have a facebook account. He even complained to me how annoying his teenage (male) cousins were playing "those games where you plant things" because he thought they were acting like kids. I've also received a text message some time ago making fun of the same situation which I LOLed at.

What I just want to point out is that... Well, I have nothing to point out. Just want to share this to you all because I'm finding this freakin funny, and you should to. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my...hahaha! I was just browsing through more than several of your posts here to relax from studying for the PNLE this coming December 2012 and here I am still laughing from your witty posts because they're really true, believe me. And what's even worse is that most of the notifications I received are all game requests. Ampfufufu...*bashes head on the keyboard*

Clarriscent said...

Haha thanks for reading. Whew I wrote this a loong time ago. How time flies. Good luck on the boards! I have a bunch of posts about that. :)

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