Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now I know why I'm getting so many hits from google to my A Very Potter Musical post a month ago. Starkid(potter)'s official site is now up along with the downloadable rerecorded official soundtrack of the said musical. And when you search "a very potter musical official site", my AVPM post shows up 4th on the list. Thank you google. But besides from the added traffic, I also wanted to point the lost Potter fans to the right direction because I was also confused for a minute there on where's the starkidpotter's site. So to all the AVPM fans out there, the OFFICIAL SITE'S right this way:

It features not only A Very Potter Musical but also Little White Lie (which I have yet to finish). There's not much on the site yet because it's fairly new but the link to where the soundtrack can be downloaded is up. Yay! As you can see from my screen cap I am currently downloading the zip file as I write this post. I've already listened to the soundtrack over and over again via imeem but having it saved in my computer and my cellphone for continuous play (on loop) is another thing. I'm so excited!

On another musical note: I'm so gaga over GLEE!

GLEE is the latest brainchild of Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck and Popular (which I also watched every episode of back then). In a nutshell, it's High School Musical meets Election (the movie, starring Reese Witherspoon) but with a sharper, more sardonic wit. It thankfully lacks HSM Gabriella's irritating pout and Disney's childish humor.

The pilot episode, for me, was a bit rushed and I've learned that it was premiered right after American Idol's season finale so that's probably why they tried to pack so much in one episode because the next one's set for September, four months after the pilot showing. After watching the second installment, though, of Glee, I'm hooked. Add to that the Don't Stop Believing number that I now have on my phone which I still can't get over.

So there's my take and humanitarian efforts for the two musicals so deserving of recognition. Go and watch A Very Potter Musical for the nth time, visit the site and download the soundtrack. Glee, meanwhile, if you're from the Philippines, will be premiering on ETC this Tuesday Sept. 15 @ 10pm.


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