Saturday, September 5, 2009

HK + Macau Week: 1 Day to Go!

This may be my last post for the next 4 days. I'm going to miss the blogosphere, definitely, just when my visitors per day are on a constant increase. But this is really a nice change from the wake up-blog-eat-blog-sleep routine I've been having for the past weeks now. I'm itching to ride a plane again, see Mickey Mouse and all his friends and take pictures of everything that cross my path.

We've borrowed Tito's digital camera with a 2 Gig memory, plus mine with 1 Gig, add to that my cell phone's 8mp clicker, so I'm betting we won't run out of photo space anytime soon. The batteries are a different matter though. I hope they won't die on me along the way.

So that's that I guess. We've packed our bags already and now we're off to do some last minute shopping including extra pair of contact lenses, hair products and cellphone load. Oh, and I need a pedicure. LOL. Also, gotten my hair chopped off today. I think I lost 2 pounds. Ha.

'Till Thursday my dearest readers.

Edit: There was a power failure right before I could post this entry. Thankfully, I need not worry that all of what I've typed is gone because blogger has a great autosave feature. We've just come back from the errands. My toes are now sporting a shiny new creamy peach color and my cellphone is now fat from being loaded.

Here's to a great trip! Cheers!


ivy said...

Hi! I've just had my vacay in HK and Macau (my Mom's treat for passing the NLE). I hope you had a great time... because I had mine. Just drooling over expensive bags (think LV, Chanel). Sayang ang pera kasi.:)

zizzybob said...

Living is South Florida, it's not a big deal to go to Disneyworld in Orlando (assuming you have a pile of money) But I can't tell which Mouses House you are going to visit.

chow16 said...

LOL, mom will only treat me there when I pass my NLE.

I lurve Donald Duck's quack. Hoping to mess up with the duck mascot soon :)

Duni said...

We'll be visiting Hong Kong soon...I can't wait!

Clarrise said...

Just got back from the trip yesterday. It was fun fun fun! :D Will post blog entries and pics real soon... Thanks for all the comments while I'm gone! Cheers!

chow16 said...

Any keychains bought for your fellow bloggers? kidding! ^^

Clarrise said...

@chow16: LOL, gave it away already e... have tons and tons of pictures for you all though... hehe

Anonymous said...

@chow16 you'll pass it. just believe you can.:) *and work hard for it!*

Clarrise said...

wow, lots of supporters for chow16... :)

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